Below are the standard service packages we offer, but we will also undertake any specific repairs, maintenance, upgrades you require (please see below for example services and prices and check out our Gallery to see what we do). Contact Us to discuss further needs.

– All services will include a safety evaluation of the bicycle.
– Please note, all service packages and specific work exclude the cost of parts required.
– Any additional work and parts required will be advised of and confirmed before being carried out. Please ask for our full terms of service.


This interim service is perfect for the occasional or recreational cyclist who wants to keep their bike in good working order between Standard Services.

– Check for damage to the frame, forks, tyres and components
– Examine wheels and tyres, inflate to the correct pressure
– Check operation of brakes and inspect for wear and damage
– Check and adjust brakes if necessary
– Lubricate brake and gear cables (replace if necessary)
– Inspect chain for wear – lubricate, advise of replacement if required
– Inspect front chain rings and rear cassette
– Check bottom bracket.


This service is for frequent cyclists who need their bike in excellent working order.

– Includes everything in the basic service
– Remove and inspect wheels for damage to rims, spokes, hubs, bearings and tyres.
– Check wheels are true and true if required
– Check stem and headset alignment, ensure all bolts are tightened to manufacturers specification
– Check security of handlebar clamp, mounted controls, ensuring all bolts are tightened
– Remove, degrease and refit drivetrain
– Inspect crank arms, checking tightness


This service is aimed at high mileage cyclists who need their bike to be fully reliable and in excellent working order.

– Includes everything in the basic and standard service
– Removal of wheel axles, degrease, inspect, grease and reassemble
– Removal of headset, degrease, inspect, grease and reassemble
– Removal of brakes, clean and check calipers and pads for wear and damage
– Replace full cable set (additional cost for parts)
– Remove bottom bracket, clean, inspect, grease and reassemble
– Remove cassette and inspect free hub for wear or damage.


Examples of Specific Services Offered


Build a Bike From Box – £40

This includes unpacking of the bike and inspection, building it, adjusting gears, brakes and a complete safety check.

Build a Bike From New Components – Prices start from £100

This is to build a bike from new components, either boxed or as new.

Build a Bike From Existing Components – Prices start from £140

This is for the building of a bike from existing components or moving components from an existing frame to a new one.


Fit New Tyre – £10

Fit New Tubeless Tyre, Tape and Sealant – £30

Freehub Service – £25

Strip freehub clean and lubricate.

Hub Adjustment – £10

Adjust cones to remove play price per hub.

Hub Service – Front Wheel £18, Rear Wheel £25

Strip down hub clean all components, replace bearings and grease. Price per hub.

Puncture Repair (new inner tube and refit tyre) – £10

Replace Spoke in Front Wheel – £15

Replace Spoke in Rear Wheel – £20

Precision Wheel True – £25

Using our jig, we will true out flat spots and buckles.  The wheel will be set to the correct tension.  Should the wheel be too damaged for repair, we will advise as to the best option.

Wheel Build (per wheel) – £50


Adjustment Of Gears Front & Rear With New Cables Fitted – £40

Adjustment Of Either Front Or Rear Gears With New Cable Fitted – £23

Adjustment Of Front & Rear Gears – £30

Adjustment Of Either Front Or Rear Gears £18

Shimano Di2 Diagnostic – £25

Fault-finding, firmware updates and reconfiguration.


Adjust Headset and Remove Play – £10

​Fit New Headset – £20

Service Headset – £20

Strip headset check components replace as necessary, lubricate.


Fit New Chain – £10

Fit New Cassette/Freehub – £18

Replace Bottom Bracket – £20

Fit New Front or Rear Derailleur – £20


Adjustment of Brakes Front & Rear With New Cables Fitted – £40

Adjustment of Either Front or Rear Brake With New Cable Fitted – £23

Adjustment of Both Front & Rear Brakes – £30

Adjustment of Either Front or Rear Brakes – £18

Replace Pads or Blocks And Adjust – Single Brake £18, both Brakes £30

Hydraulic Brake Bleed – Single brake £25, Both brakes £40


Diagnostic Report (Shimano) – £25

Diagnostic Report (Bosch) – £25

This service is to diagnose faults only, the fault can then be rectified by us at your request at an extra charge.

Software Update (Shimano) – £20

Software Update (Bosch) – £20

Recommended yearly to keep up to date.